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Wednesday, JUNE 22, 2022

We are still hEAR, still making records, but on the move to our new purpose built recording studio. Sound Foundry Studios Cedar Creek edition ! Cedar Beach edition ? Cedarhurst Park !! Somethings still to be decided i guess. As usual , Social media is where weekly and daily updates occur, I am sure many of you prefer and use that format rather than checking the news page of some website. Follow along on the facebook account and posts ( to have an idea what has been going on, we even have an instagram account now, Been extremely fortunate to have great client support during these times. Keeping busy. Work happened or continues with the following great artists, MIKE AUTHIER, SIMEON, DYLAN BLAY, JOHN EPP, JEFF CARRIERE, CHRIS DALY, AMANDA GRAY, MATT PICCOLO, JOHN REIDL, MR.J, CDN RECORDS, GYPSY CHEIF GOLIATH, KAREN MORAND, BRAD OULLETTE, BROWN WATER, FRESH BREATH, JUSTIN LATAM, KtdaG, SERIOUS FESTIVAL, ROYE TROUT, WEAPONS OF MASS SEDUCTION.!! REMEMBER TO SUPPORT LOCAL, AND PLEASE GET OUT AND SUPPORT AND LISTEN TO SOME LIVE MUSIC !

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Website update, YIKES !! YEAR OF THE COVID,,, BOOOOO ,,, Social media is where weekly and daily updates occur, I am sure many of you prefer and use that format rather than checking the news page of some website. Follow along on the facebook account and posts ( to have an idea what has been going on, we even have an instagram account now, Been extremely fortunate to have great client support during these times. Keeping busy. THE BLUE STONES album BLACK HOLES that I ihad Production and Engineering credits on was JUNO NOMINATED !! Congrats to the guys and everyone involved. Ultimately they did not win, But the recognition was well deserved. Now only if they could get back to touring. Work continues with the following great artists, AGE OF WOLVES, KAREN MORAND, JEFF GORICK, AL REID, ANITA WALL, BRAD OULLETTE, BRIAN JACQUES, BROWN WATER, COWBOYS IN CARDIGANS, FRESH BREATH, GARY KOMSIC, HANDSOME PANTS, JUSTIN LATAM AND THE STRIDE, KtdaG, NEFIDOVS, RICK MENARD, SERIOUS FESTIVAL, THY KINGDOM SLUM, and TROUT !! SUPPORT LOCAL, WASH YOUR HANDS, STAY SAFE !

Monday, January 21, 2019

2 YEARS and 3 MONTHS since a website update, YIKES !! Social media is where weekly and daily updates occur, I am sure many of you prefer and use that format rather than checking the news page of some website. Follow along on the facebook account and posts ( to have an idea what has been going on, we even have an instagram account now, We have a Spotify account with a Spotify play list of albums recorded at the studio. You can find that at . Sorry you have to copy and paste, the link doesnt want to work right now. Will add it on our LINKS PAGE !!! THE CELLOS album THE GREAT LEAP BACKWARDS was finally released on Vinyl, Cassette, and Digital. It charted on multiple stations over 17 weeks on the charts topping out at #1 as per EARSHOT charts. The album has been selling in over a dozen countries trhought their labels and mail order. THE BLUE STONES album BLACK HOLES was finally released through eONE entertainment on Vinyl, CD, and Digital. It is currently ruling the charts reaching into the 20's on multiple BILLBOARD charts, and currenlty sitting at #2 on the Rock charts here in Canada. The album has been killing it in the streaming and radio markets, they are touring major U.S. festivals and radio stations, as well as a few short tours through Europe. Here is a quick review of some of the other artists and musicians we have worked with in the past 2 years. Please look these fabulous artists up on google or your favorite social media site. AMONG THE REST has lived at the studio. A great EP is out, a few singles, and a full length due this spring. Been working with a great songwriter who has seen a thing our two in BRAD OULLETTE, a mix of old reworkings, old recordings, and brand new stuff. BROWNWATER, old freinds and a fabulous band from 20 years back stopped in and reworked Manic Nerve Shot, excited for that to finally be released this spring. We did a new single for BULLET TOOTH TONY. Mastered recordings for BUTCHERS. Tracked a new full length that is out from the DENTED HALOS. The fairwell EP from DROWN THE NOISE (sad). A few projects with FOXHART FISHMAN with the latest 6 song EP due out this spring ! A new single for FRESH BREATH, and currently in the works is a Full Legth album ! HENRY BANMAN tracked and released a great radio single. IGNORE THE EVIDENCE tracked and released a Killer Full Length last year ! JUSTIN LATAM recorded and released his new EP 6 ! KtdaG tracked and released his new full length album. LOGANS WAY is currently nearing the end of tracking on a new 6 song EP. LYCHI recorded some as of yet unreleased tracks MARK MY WORD outta CHATHAM stopped in and recorded 3 songs with omne single being released to date. POWERSWITCH brought the party and laid down three heavy covers in a great afternoon. RAPSCALLIONS outta LONDON recorded and put out an amazing album, toured briefly, then split. a fund raising effort was recorded of a great concert at and for ST. CLEMENTS CHURCH in McGregor. STAY AT HOME DADS are in current tracking mode at the studio on an 11 song ripper. STRANGER DAZE recorded and released a stellar debut EP. THE COMMISSION brought it for 4 songs of rock still yet to be released. THE RECKLESS UPSTARTS tracked a pile of tunes, they came out on their own EP, a SPLIT, and a couple comps, that led them to a Eurpoean tour. THY KINGDOM SLUM stopped in and brought the message to the studio, and then abroad with The History of Discent EP. TROUT recorded some as of yet unreleased tracks and are due back in studio for more song tracking in a few short weeks. Continue to Support LOCAL, LOCAL MUSIC, LOCAL ARTISTS, LOCAL VENDORS !

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Getting close to the end of the year. Time for an update. However if you follow the facebook account and posts ( you have an idea what has been going on. BOBBY SPROAT ALBUM complete ! What a great reception this album has had so far. The first single is generating a graet buzz, lots of radio play, and was featured on 93.9 THE RIVER as the River Current . ASHTON LIBERATO has been dropping in and layin down some cool freestyle . Local scene veteran BRAD OULLETTE has started a project to capture some of his fine songwriting . BRODY MASSE spent some time in front of the mic laying down some solid rhymes. BULLET TOOTH TONY has been hard at work on a new EP featuring the new 4 member lineup. Mastering was done on new band BUTCHERS first EP of crushers. CELLOS has just wrapped tracking, mixing,mastering of a new 10 song album that will redefine themselves and you as a listener, no word on a release date yet as it is in label hands. Sound Foundry celebrity DREW ZAVITZ who has attended more recording sessions at the studio than any human possible has continued work on his own 2 song project. gutiar bass and drums complete. FOXHART FISHMAN stopped in and completed a full production killer EP of some great songwrting and music interplay, that should see a release soon ! JAMES O-L and THE VILLIANS returned and cut a new single DUMPSTERS live off the floor , what a great track and performance was captured on that one ! JON BRETT stopped by and demoed a unicorn song that has me confused. KEVIN GIESBRECHT started work on a follow up to his debut CD. KYLER BOND finally released 5 tracks off his upcoming solo album . THE NEFIDOVS wrapped a fricken killer new 4 song set, hopefully it gets released by years end, it is outstanding ! POUGHBOY mastering was done here at THE FOUNDRY on TWO new projects of material. DYSE continues to stop in and spitt on the mic a viscous soulful master of the lyric. New band from LONDON THE RAPSCALLIONS recorded a 4 song set, with the first single ANGRY SUN already released . Have you heard of RELIEVER ? if not , go find out... Slam for your ear holes. THE STROLL spent last december in the studio, that EP has carried them trhough this year with a crazy live performance schedule slayin audiences with many of the great tracks off that release . TOQUE finished 2 new ones, yet to be released, but should come on shortly. A busy year indeed. Support LOCAL, Be LOCAL, Live LOCO !

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Getting close to the end of the year. Time for an update. However if you follow the facebook account and posts ( you have an idea what has been going on. BOBBY SPROAT has been hard at work this year on his debut album, approximately half way through at this point, it is coming together quite nicely. You will have not heard any local singer songwriter putting out this type of gem songwriting. DROWN THE NOISE pumped out three more great songs this year, but will be taking a short break, as a congrats is due to SHEEP SQUEEK and DAVE IKONOV on the upcoming birth of the next member of the DROWN THE NOISE family. FOXHART FISHMAN stopped in the studio, and killed it with a live off the floor 9 song set. The release from this fresh new Windsor band was greatly welcomed and is a fabulous listen if you have not taken the time to do so yet. FRESH BREATH BAND also returned to THE FOUNDRY , this time with a revamped lineup of backing players, and oh man the sound. A slight vibe departure from their previous efforts, but still with the focused songwriting, soothing harmonies, and belting soulful vocals. New act HARD WIRED has been hard at work on their first 4 song set of what should be an amazing album set for release in 2016. In the early stages, it is shaping up to be something special. HEARTxHARM spent time at the studio, and Killed... currently in the final mix stages, watch for these 3 songs to have independent releases as individual killer singles in the coming months... lots of passion, energy, and raw emotion here. A long time Essex County favorite, JUSTIN LATAM spent 6 weeks of his summer at the studio, we all hung out BAREFOOT and came up with his album BAREFOOT. Great folk, blues, spiritual, rock, & storytelling abound on this effort from JUSTIN and a stellar cast of guest musicians from the Essex County Music scene. Definately one to pay attention too as this album is fresh off the shelves and should start getting radio play soon ! K tda G or KEVIN GIESBRECHT finally wrapped production of his album after 2 years at the studio slowly putting together this 17 song, inspirational rap album. As a debut new artist, it was a pleasure watching him grow in studio over the past 2 years. NEFIDOVS, oh the NEFIDOVS... Hard at work with 4 solid tracks, Horns are needed, mix is needed, more solid recording session/cookouts are needed. But when it gets to the peoples earholes, oh yes, it will be worth the wait ! Mastered up the latest POUGHBOY album, have you heard it ? If not,,, get on it ! New act RELIEVER hit the studio, with a lineup of seasoned vets from the local scene, this new act will be scaring up some solid attention and shows once these songs hit the streets. 6 tracks of emotion,power,drive,and melody. TAREK JAFAR of the THE BLUE STONES wrapped a completed solo album. Unsure of the release, but man is it great. In the meantime, THE BLUE STONES new album released in OCTOBER has started off on a great path , being a top 3 seller on bandcamp opening week, having a great track BE MY FIRE played loud and proud on MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, and making waves internationally with positive press. TOQUE has almost completed 2 new tracks, that should break through the winter snow for a spring 2016 release . As well, THE LOCUSTS HAVE NO KINGS album , mixed at SOUND FOUNDRY STUDIOS is now in the mastering stage and should see a release date announcement soon. PHEW !!! Added into all that is work with artists CELLOS (preproduction), BULLET TOOTH TONY (new lineup,new material in tracking stages), KYLER BOND (solo artists with 4 tracks on the go awaiting vox), LIFESTYLES MOVEMENT and MEDARDO IBARRA ( spiritual based hip hop that does not dissapoint), newcomer DYSE ( free form lyric poet hip hop done right) , RYAN MASOTTI (a little something to come), KIM SCHULTZ, OSCARLYN GARCIA, DEREK HEARNS... MUSIC and ART is so integral to our society, get out and see a show, buy an album or a creation from an artist, support your community, and take a deep breath...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Once again a Long Overdue, Yearly update. However if you follow the facebook account and posts ( you have an idea what has been going on. Windsor Independent named JAMES OL AND THE VILLIANS "ON THE BANKS OF THE DETROIT RIVER" album of the year for 2014 ! Thanks so much for voting everyone. It was a production that was a lot of fun. Proud to have my name on that one. New artist resources have become available, with DAN MacDONALD debuting HEAR + NOW on AM800, giving quality airtime to SOUND FOUNDRY STUDIO bands recorded product. Check out his show every Sunday 5pm-7pm. As well THE LOCAL STREAM issued Volume 1 of their magazine focused completely on local arts and entertainment. It is an amazing looking product that will overlap with their online radio stream that also supports all things local. City Cyclery has debuted as a new off the path live music venue. SILENT MOVIE TYPE held their SOUND FOUNDRY RECORDED, JON DREW mixed new album 'CRICKETS' at this new location, and what a great party it was, with ORPHAN CHOIR on hand as opener and McLEAN's ALES supplying the liquid. In what seems to have been a year of the solo artist and solo records, a fair amount of studio time went into the debut of ASHLEY KEMENY's 3 song effort, new artist HUNTER ASSCHERT has been spending time vocal tracking for his new work, and artists with busy band schedules have found time to work on their side projects with TAREK JAFAR of THE BLUE STONES prepping a 2015 solo release, as well as SEBASTIAN ABT of HUUTCH (Formerly STATE OF US) also readying a full album of solo material for 2015. In the past year clients have included AMONG TITANS , ASHLEY KEMENY , GENTLEMANS GUN CLUB , DAYS FADE , FRESH BREATH BAND , DREW ZAVITZ, HUNTER ASSCHERT, I AM SLEEPWALKER , KEVIN GIESBRECHT, THE LOCUSTS HAVE NO KING , NEFIDOVS , NICOLE BARRON, RYAN GUENTHER , SEBASTIAN ABT , SHARED ARMS, SILENT MOVIE TYPE, TAKERS & LEAVERS, TAREK JAFAR , THE BLUE STONES, THIS MACHINE KILLS ROBOTS, WHAT SEAS WHAT SHORES, WHILE WHALES SLEEP. Many quality projects on the map ahead for 2015 that is already well underway as well as new releases of product recorded in 2014. Please continue to Always support local small business, the artists and art coming from your communities, and be a part of the continued growth and change all around you. Cheers

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Long Overdue, Yearly update. However if you follow the facebook account and posts ( you have an idea what has been going on. In the past crazy year clients have included 24 SUSSEX , AMONG TITANS , ASHLEY KEMENY , BULLET TOOTH TONY, CELLOS , GENTLEMANS GUN CLUB , DANGERFIELD , DAVID JONES , DAYS FADE , FRESH BREATH , HEAVY SUNS, I AM SLEEPWALKER , JAMES O-L AND THE VILLIANS , KEVIN GIESBRECHT, KIM SCHULTZ , LEAH HARRIS , NEFIDOVS , QUEENS RUG , RYAN GUENTHER , SEBASTIAN ABT , SHARED ARMS, SILENT MOVIE TYPE, SODA POP, STATE OF US, STAY TUNED, THE BLUE STONES, THE ROWLEY ESTATE, THIS MACHINE KILLS ROBOTS, TOQUE, WE CAN BE HEROES , WEAPON OF CHOICE, WHAT SEAS WHAT SHORES. That group of artists has kept things busy and interesting. Lots of projects on the horizon to make for a great 2014 that is already well underway. Plenty of new studio tools, noise makers, toys, and vintage microphones such as a pair of SONY C38b's and an ALTEC "saltshaker" 633a. Lots of fun ahead ! Cheers everyone and thanks for the support.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I am very excited to announce that a band I had the great pleasure to work with engineering, recorinding and producing in 2012 , THE BLUE STONES have some great song placements coming up ! Their song "MAKE YOUR MOVE" will be featured in this weeks PARKS AND REC episode on NBC tonight ! That's not all ! As well , their song "ROLLING WITH THE PUNCHES" will be featured on RUSSEL BRANDS photoshoot video for ESQUIRE MAGAZINE ! Congrats to this talanted band ! Be sure and look them up .

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 has proven to be one of the best and busiest for THE FOUNDRY. THE ROWLEY ESATE album mixes are almost complete and this album will be the funnest album to listen to ever in Windsors history, bold statement I know, but the hard work this band put in really shows on this album, and it is an amazing and fun record ! VINYL RUNNERS recorded a single, and had so much fun, is booked to return next week to do another ! 24 SUSSEX used up my March Break in studio, and rocked it out. What fine training and preperation this band gets at JAM SPACE ACADAMY ! STAY TUNED stopped by for night #1 of what should be a few nights of bluegrass shredding and silky smooth harmonies ! FRESH BREATH BAND rocked a live off the floor set of 5 originals so be sure to get out and see this talented group live. In months ahead we have projects booked with AL FAZIO, DAVID JONES, DANGERFIELD, LIFE AS LOVE OF WATER ,and SODA POP. peace

Thursday, Feb 07,2013

What a great finish to 2012. Great albums completed at THE FOUNDRY and released by the likes of CELLOS, THE BLUE STONES, VINYL RUNNERS. EP's and singles by WE CAN BE HEROS, SOUTHERN TREADS, STATE OF US, REASONS LOST. 2013 is off to a great start as well. January had a studio lockout as the boys in THE ROWLEY ESTATE dug deep into the start of their 14 track full length. Watch for that early spring ! CELLOS stopped in and complete 3 tracks for a 7". FRESH BREATH BAND is stoppin in next week, and ANDREW BATEMAN is set to return this month. In months ahead we have projects booked with 24 SUSSEX , STAY TUNED, and VINYL RUNNERS ! In Gear news 2 Vintage SONY C38b's have become a part of the Sound Foundry mic closet, WHOA , these mics rock ! Cheers for now !

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Where has 15 years gone. Yesterday Sound Foundry Studios was extremely fortunate enough to celebrate 15 years of service in Windsor/Essex Co. and abroad. It has been an unbelievable journey and one that will continue into the forseable future ! It is with great pride we watch the local talent from this great region of Ontario develop and mature. Non if it would have been possible without much help from many sources. Thanks to everyone who has been apart. Lets keep things going ! As for current events since the Feb update. Well lots of recording going on. CELLOS release party is this Saturday at Villians, XEMPT stopped by to track 5 pounding songs, KESS CARPENTER completed another unbelievable album, THE BLUE STONES are deep into another album, LOCAL HONEY paid a visit, work continues on KIM SCHULTZ debut, RODI project had some work mastered, NEFIDOVS completed some trombone tracks, BATEMAN and LAVIGNE work at 3 song debut, and probably lots I am forgetting.In Gear news, Some new mics (CASCADE FATHEAD II's), a guitar - IBANEZ RG Solid Mahogony hard tail, amp- VHT ULTRA 6 Special, pedal - FULLTONE OCD and probably other stuff I am forgettingMany things to accomplish and some huge news in the near future.

Wednesday , Febuary 29th , 2012

It's A leap year ! Almost a year since I last updated this news page. Been real busy recording, posts on the page are as upto date as I can keep them. Watch out for new music rom these groups/bands/artists in spring 2012 !! CELLOS, ,STATE OF US ,R.Y.E. ,DEATH BY MIDNIGHT ,REASONS LOST ,BULLET TOOTH TONY ,KESS CARPENTER ,SHARED ARMS ,XEMPT and more !!

Wednesday , March 30th , 2011

Hello all ! Was a great finish to 2010, and been a great start to 2011 here at the FOUNDRY !! BULLET TOOTH TONY continues work on there debut EP. FRANK RODI tracked two more new songs for his soon to be released 10 song set. JOCELYN and AMANDA MEYER stopped in to track a song together. LEAH HARRIS continued tracking preproduction tracks for her label release. KINGSVILLE MUSIC CENTRE’s own rock school band FAMOUS CHAOS did a live off the floor tracking session . HAMMERDOWN partied hard at the studio and got 8 tracks down, 3 of which were completed and now available online. New band CELLOS did some preproduction work and posted one of the tracks online, more from these guys in the near future. THE ROWLEY ESTATE busted ass at the FOUNDRY and has an 8 song cd in the final mix stages, previews have been added online !! SOUND FOUNDRY STUDIOS also went mobile and made a stop at JAM SPACE for a guest lecture with there ROCK BAND SCHOOL and some quick live off the floor recording of three very talented bands . As well, SOUND FOUNDRY STUDIOS set up shop at the WINDSOR ARMOURY and recorded 15 tracks of the WINDSOR REGIMENT BAND. Always fun miking up a 40 piece military band !! Lots more fun ahead in the coming months. Stop in at the FOUNDRY when the nice weather arrives !!!

Monday, Novembe 1st, 2010

An extremely great and busy last 3 months here at Sound Foundry Studios !!! A POINT IN 7 now known as THIEVES IN REMAND returned to the studio to continue work on there upcoming album. Brand new tracks and touch ups on older material has the album shaping into form quickly !!! LEAH HARRIS returned for more preproduction on a few more tracks. FRANK RODI continued more tracking. New group TONIGHTS OUR NIGHT stopped in to lay down there first cut. JOCELYN MEYER was in studio , and sang 4 tracks. SHORELINE RECORDS Group DESTINO (Pop/Opera, Classical-Crossover) was in to cut an album for the better part of two and a half months. Many hours of extremely hard work and dedication by these wonderful and talented artists has a great sounding record heading to mastering this week. Be sure and take a listen to this album once its released. With great orchestra work, soaring harmonies, seductive vocals and amazing session work from STEVE AHO (Tony Bennett, John Williams, David Foster, Andrea Bocelli, Natalie Cole, Reba McEntire, BeBe and CeCe Winans). This project was a blast to work on and the results are outstanding. Will try and update soon, Busy work ahead as always.

MONDAY, JULY 26, 2010

A POINT IN 7 ( ) stopped in to lay down two new tracks with guitarist JOSH filling the role of new vocalist. The songs What We See, and Between Us turned out great and the foundation was laid for an acoustic version of their previously tracked song THE FOUR. New act BLACKTHORN CITY was in recently to track their first 4 songs. Check them out at XEMPT came in to track vocals on 5 tunes for there upcoming release. SHARED ARMS finally wrapped the recording of their 11 song epic release featuring the final 3 songs ever record by the now defunct BLURT. There is some great additional artists performing on a few of these tracks, as well as a real developing sound to the SHARED ARMS stuff. Be sure and get to one of their shows and get a copy of what is sure to be a collectors edition first album. BOMBS stopped by for a week of rock’n’roll debauchery and mayhem. Somehow we managed to cut 5 tracks of raw energized straight ahead rock’n’roll. No word on when their label MINT 400 will release the tracks, but a few of the guys have been giving sneak previews online, so check these songs out. FRANK RODI continues his tracking this month. After utilizing the talents of DAVID ALLAN on drums and MARCO ANTONUZZO on bass on his last track he is only getting more inspired. JORDAN COLLINS was in to play some very pounding jazz drums, SHAYNA PICKLE tracked her first 4 songs, with more to follow in the future. PAUL ADAMS layed down another strong tune. In the middle of the busy recording schedule I was able to sneak off to the U.K. for a few weeks. I was lucky enough to get great weather traveling through MANCHESTER, WALES, CHESTER, WARRINGTON, AND LONDON. While in LONDON I stopped by ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS. The vibe of that place was unreal. I of course did the ABBEY ROAD ALBUM COVER crosswalk. I also visited a few famous venues and attended a family wedding. It is so inspiring to travel. Back to work here in studio. Busy months ahead !!!

Wednesday APRIL 21, 2010

Working hard in 2010 at SOUND FOUNDRY STUDIOS. Explode When They Bloom has their album wrapped. Check them out at The album hits the streets April 30th with a show at the FM LOUNGE. Frank Nelson album is complete. Paul Adams continues work on a second track. Shared Arms has almost wrapped tracking for their upcoming release. Trish Wales released her second cd Still Looking with a successful cd release at The Gourmet Emporium. Leah Harris completed work on her 14 song demo, now off to Nashville !! Acadamy Drive stopped in for a 3 song set, No One Knows tracked 10 tunes live off the floor, Shayna Pickle, A Point In Seven, and you are all booked for the upcoming weeks. In gear news, a GIBSON Les Paul Jr.with 2 P90 pickups has found a home here at the Sound Foundry, and its partner a MARSHALL JMP2203 100w head. Can you say ROCK'N'ROLL !!!

Wednesday February 24, 2010

Been a busy and great start to 2010 at SOUND FOUNDRY STUDIOS. Playing for Keeps has been working on their debut. Check them out at Shared Arms continues to add tracks for their upcoming release. Explode When They Bloom almost has their album wrapped , should hit the streets this April. Trish Wales second release hits the streets March 1st. Frank Rodi prepares his first batch of 7songs for mastering. Leah Harris, Maria Connel, Paul Adams, TV on Mute all stop by the studio this March. AREA FIFTY-ONE is getting back to playing live in2010. Check them out at

Monday November 2, 2009

A few congrats need to go out to bands who have recently done work here at SOUND FOUNDRY STUDIOS. BOMBS has inked a record deal with MINT 400 Records based out of New Jersey to release there EP recorded at SOUND FOUNDRY STUDIOS in Febuary of '09. Check them out at Also ARKAYIC REVOLT has signed a record deal with Punishment 18 Records (Pitiful Reign, Methedras, Urto, Ancient Dome) for the release and distribution of their first full length album entitled "Death's River"! Recording will begin in November 2009 here at Sound Foundy Studios. Check them out at Congratulations on the success guys !!

Friday October 23, 2009

ARKAYIC REVOLT is doing live off the floor recordings today at SFS. Check them out at

[August 4, 2009 ]

Hope Everyone is enjoying there summer. A POINT IN 7 finally wrapped recording of their 5 songs tracked earlier this year. BLURT has almost completed tracking of their farewell set of 3 songs, but along the way a new group has sprung from the ashes of that group. A great new group yet unnamed has been in tracking and has had some great results thus far, watch for this new group and great material to surface sometime in September. EXPLODE WHEN THEY BLOOM, well this band lives here… they continue work on the follow up cd, and it is very close to being tracked, two more songs need to be added, vocals need to be sung, and of course mixing, but I would expect a fall release. I AM THE VINE stopped by to say hello with some instruments so we hit record and got a stomping set of 5 tunes down. MONOLITH has finalized preproduction and will be stopping in this fall, very exciting indeed. THE ROWLEY ESTATE has been gaining steam since their release recorded here in the spring, these fellas played a great show opening for SwN, and head out on there first tour. THE AFTERPARTY mixed, and added, and tweaked, and packaged and the cd is currently in production, rumour has it hittin the streets mid-september. TRISH WALES had Al Hendry in to record some great guitar work and she herself adding a few vocal touches to her second cd entitled STILL LOOKING. This cd is awaiting mastering then should be available this fall. WHAT WE KNOW was in to record a four song set. One track had guest vocals from Josh Demers of THE AFTERPARTY. In non musical tracking news, MATRIX THERAPUTIC SYSTEMS began tracking a 20 chapter audio book on dealing with Addiction. This book goes deep into the history of addiction, the various forms of addiction, and overcoming addiction. This is sure to be a great resource for people having failed at all the traditional methods of addiction recovery. Here's a list of some equipment upgrades that were made in the studio in the past month. -Purple Audio Inc. MC77 Limiting Amplifier - The MC77 supercedes the MC76 re-engineered 1176 type FET Limiter. The MC77 recreates the audio circuitry of the revision E UREI 1176, using modern components matched to the original. Basically it’s a mono channel of compression, sounds great on vocals and bass guitar, and looks great in a rack in its bold purple color. -Chandler Limited LTD-1 - The Chandler Limited LTD-1 is a hand wired NEVE 1073 clone that has been remade using parts and build techniques from the original manufacture of the modules. Grounding, wiring techniques, original transformers and transistors, and much more attribute to the special sound of these units and have been painstakingly recreated in each LTD-1. In addition to the classic 1073 sound, Chandler LTD. expanded the EQ section by nine additional EQ points giving the user a much larger palate from which to choose your EQ frequency points. Basically an amazing mic pre with an amazing eq.

[APRIL 22, 2009 ]

Keeping at it at SOUND FOUNDRY STUDIOS. Had MONOLITH in for a live off the floor session last night....great evening, with a great group of fellas... Some package rates that are available at the foundry : Basic rate including engineer: $50.00/hr 8 Hour Day Block: $360 12 hour Day Block: $500.00 (1 hour lunch break) Weekend Package: $850 (5 hours Friday night, 8 hours Sat, 8 hours Sun) High End Budget Mastering: 6 hour mastering package $250.00 COME ON WARM WEATHER !!!!

[MARCH 10, 2009 ]

A POINT IN 7 have almost wrapped recording of 5 songs. The mixes are finished and we are letting them breathe for a week before making our final adjustments. This project has been a lot of fun with a group of really great guys and talented musicians as well, be sure to watch their myspace site for some sneek peeks of the tracks, and get out to a show to hear this great material. ANDREW BATEMAN guitarist/vocalist of THE ECLECTIC CHAIR has been visiting with his new side project band JUST PRESS PLAY. This band is in the early raw stages but have been able to get into the studio to cut two tracks. Yet to play a live show, they should be hitting the stage sometime in April. Once the cast comes off I assume. BLURT. On a sad note this band has called it quits. On a great note, they have been working hard here at SFS on a 3 song farewell disc. It has been amazing working with these guys over the years in studio and this band will be missed. The new recordings are turning out great, in mostly BLURT style, but there will be a few surprises and twists. This material should be released early summer. BOMBS brought there britpop stylings to SFS over the cold winter months and turned out 4 tracks of genuine rock energy. Hailing from Toronto, this band has already been the featured act at many of that cities top clubs. The material is being shopped around to labels, and so far positive things are being said. These guys should be touring late spring early summer and a Windsor stop is planned. So be sure to get out and say to these lads. EXPLODE WHEN THEY BLOOM is holed up in SFS and doing their thing. They got a blogspot where you can follow their every move, check it out at KATIE KERR paid us a short visit and sang four of her original compositions. Great work from a new talent. You may have seen her on the CBC show HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA ? If you missed her on that, she is performing in many local stage productions so watch out for her name. OAKWOOD COMMUNITY CENTRE will be paying us a visit again this March Break bringing in the many talented and future rockers of Windsor. Last summers visit brought 30 talented kids age 7-13. No word on how many we will be invaded by this time. But a great new song has been provided by SCOTT McMULLEN formerly of THIEVES, MAJORITY D, and now with the new band DEATH OR COMBER. DEATH OR COMBER will be performing with EXPLODE WHEN THEY BLOOM this Friday March 13th at THE COACH. This show is JAMIE GREER�s pick of the week, and a great pick at that. OH YA, JAMIE GREER has an amazing musicians resource for Windsor music scene that can be found at . It is a must visit. Bands should be sure and pass along all show information and copies of your latest recordings for reviews. This man is truly one of the most supportive artists and backers of the Windsor Scene. So give this guy a round of applause and help the man out by keeping him up to date on Windsor� s music scene. THE ROWLEY ESTATE, has been hard at work on there first EP. A collection of three songs about .. hmm.. not sure .. but these guys have drive and ambition and a drummer with a hand in a cast� so the recordings will be all you have for a while. Watch their myspace for tracks by April. No word on TYBURN TREE cd release date yet, but rumours have it happening soon. Once again, you will want this disc, the packaging, the content, the passion these guys put into this thing is unmatched. Lastly , just want to note for any artists or groups planning on stopping by SOUND FOUNDRY STUDIOS, we are now carrying music instrument accessories from a few companies. You can now get your strings, picks, sticks, skins, capos, cables, and guitar maintenance supplies, right here in house. So take adavantage of products at fair prices from D�addario, Planet Waves, Vater, Evans, Dunlop, Ernie Ball, and more. THANKS ALL FOR SUPPORTING THE LOCAL MUSIC SCENE.

[FEB 23, 2009 ]

SOUND FOUNDRY STUDIOS continues to make music..... We recently finished tracking and mixing with BOMBS from TORONTO, new band JUST PRESS PLAY gave us a visit to lay down one track, still working on wrapping up 6 new songs with THE AFTERPARTY which should be finished by weeks end, THE ROWLEY ESTATE has been working hard on there first 3 songs, A POINT IN 7 is also hard at work on there 5 song offering. EXPLODE WHEN THEY BLOOM is again off to the races with five tracks, BLURT just inked some time on our dry erase calender for the end of this month. The TYBURN TREE fellas have a march cd release party planned. ARKAYIC REVOLT will have there EP UNDEAD MAN WALKING available online so look em up...

[OCTOBER 21, 2008 ]

BUSY BUSY BUSY !!! SOUND FOUNDRY STUDIOS has been having a tremendous year, government audits, ownership changeover, and new business ventures added into a hectic recording schedule. XEMPT was in to track there first release due to be released start of November. ARKAYIC REVOLT has almost completed tracking their first release due out in December.THE AFTERPARTY released there first EP and are set to return in November to track more songs for there full length to be released next year. TYBURN TREE continues work on its first release adding two great new tracks in the last few weeks. THE ECLECTIC CHAIR album is finally complete, look for a x-mas release date. THE DAY AFTER YESTERDAY completed there EP and it is currently selling at shows. MY SON MY SON are releasing there recording from early this summer at a cd release at the PHOG next weekend. We have also had visits from WAKING WITHOUT REMORSE, RISE ABOVE, FRANK RODI, and JACK LONDON. We also enjoyed a visit from the OAKWOOD COMMUNITY CENTRE. They came in to record there hit song for the ROCK and ROLL summer camp. The 30 kids also brought along THE WINDSOR STAR, CBC RADIO, TV, and the A CHANNEL,, thanks SCOTT !!!! Stay tuned for a x-mas update...

[JUNE 17, 2008 ]

Hello peeps who actually take the time to read this. EXPLODE WHEN THEY BLOOM are expereinceing great succes with their recent release. Congrats boys. TRISH WALES and COMPANY area also selling cd's of their recent release and they are selling fast. CONGRATS lady and men. TYBURN TREE are almost finsihed mixes and will be heading to mastering. MY SON MY SON has one song left to be mixed then off to the presses. FRANK RODI paid us another visit, and recorded a new tune entitled BROKEN. DARCY's school of dance stopped by on a warm eve last week to have some dance music edited for a recital. THE ECLECTIC CHAIR continue to work and are nearing completion of there 11 song cd. JACK LONDON returned from the broken arm to track guitars on a two song set they have in the works. We will be gettin a visit from THE AFTERPARTY this summer for two weeks, then BRETT is taking two weeks off and heading into the great white north.. ok not that far.. the great green north. PEACE !!!

[JUNE 02, 2008 ]

SOUND FOUNDRY STUDIOS and Brett Humber are enjoying these hectic times. There has been some new gear brought in. Changes are happening daily and some big news by years end is in the planning stages. Stay tuned. EXPLODE WHEN THEY BLOOM's cd is on the street, and the offical cd release is this friday JUNE 6th at the Kingsville arena. Opening acts include other SOUND FOUNDRY STUDIOS artists TYBURN TREE and MY SON MY SON!!!Please attend and buy this cd you will not be dissapointed, they also have some groovy merch so get a t shirt while your there.

[May 14, 2008 ]

THE SOUND FOUNDRY has undergone a few facelifts under the surface and above ground as well. The studio is now officially known as SOUND FOUNDRY STUDIOS. Brett Humber is now the sole owner operator. There has been some new gear brought in. You will notice small changes over the course of this year, culmanating with some big news by year end. Stay tuned. EXPLODE WHEN THEY BLOOM is done, and the release is set for JUNE 6th. GET THIS ALBUM !!! CONTINUE TO SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS !!!Peace

[NOV 1, 2007 ]

THE SOUND FOUNDRY news page was down for a short time, problems with domain names and such. For now as you have noticed we are found at good job finding us. It has been a very nice summer, fall is upon us. The ECLECTIC CHAIR continues with a revamped lineup. Solo artist EMILY CATROPPA returned, and NICK SWAN started a full lenght album. TRISH WALES has started her full length album with THE SOUND FOUNDRY. Some new gear- EPIPHONE 335 hollowbody guitar, FENDER DELUXE REVERB, APEX tube mic mic, and ADDICTIVE DRUMS drum programing. So until the next update, check , it will be updated often. CONTINUE TO SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS !!!Peace

[JULY 1, 2007 ]

Time to update anyone who reads THE SOUND FOUNDRY news page about what we have been doing the last 8 months this time. It has been a very winter, spring for the studio. Albums that have been recorded here in the last few months have actually been released and are available to check out online and at the bands shows. Albums by LEAH HARRIS, HOLLOWAY ROBERTS, and BLURT. Great new tracks from EXPLODE WHEN THEY BLOOM should definately be given a listen. WAY OF LIFE visited and layed down to killer tracks using real drums, GOODNIGHT NOISES put together three tracks in there visit. Brand new band TYBURN TREE laid down two tracks while at the FOUNDRY. The ECLECTIC CHAIR RETURNED with a revamped lineup. Solo artists EMILY CATROPPA, DEVIN CHEDOUR, CHRISTINE BRACEWELL, STEPHANIE ZECKELMAN and TOM MALONE also all stopped in to work on there various projects. Some new gear- MARSHALL JMP-1 preamp, SHURE SM98 mic, and WAVES SSL PLUGINS. So until the next update, check , it will be updated often. CONTINUE TO SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS !!!Peace

[OCTOBER 30, 2006 ]

Time to update anyone who reads THE SOUND FOUNDRY news page about what we have been doing the last 6 months. It has been a very busy summer for the studio. HOLLOWAY ROBERTS was in to record there first EP. It was self pressed and is selling well. They just recently won a battle of the bands at THE CHUBBY PICKLE playing against alot of great talent, including SOUND FOUNDRY bands, BLURT and THE RUN ATLANTIC. The THE RUN ATLANTIC was selling there first EP so quickly that a follow up was neccesary. Signing a production deal with OAK & LINEN PRODUCTIONS, THE RUN ATLANTIC re-entered the SOUND FOUNDRY and has just released there follow up EP entitled "FRAMED AND ENGRAVED". ACULEUS was in the studio in July and recording there massive guitar and vocal assult that was also self released. The long awaited release of the LUNACY album is also approaching. Cd's are expected in within the week, do not miss getting your hands on this album if you love driving guitar, melodic vocals, and superb modern metal. Also in this past 6 months was BOB DESMARIAS with his power trio, the young but extremely talented SEBASTIAN MEHENKA, GARY STITT from LAST IN LINE visited to do a two song set, DEVIN CHEDOUR to complete 3 more songs, MIKEY JAY to track more material for a highly anticipated debut EP, MARIA CONNEL, NATHALIE OLIVERA, RYAN MEDEL ,DARCYS SCHOOL OF DANCE, and others. Rock outfit THE DROWNING paid the studio a visit in August and recorded there first 4 song EP which was professionally released just last month. New band EXPLODE WHEN THEY BLOOM also hit the studio to demo 4 songs which was released to give fans a taste of what is to come from this new power trio. The current project is BLURT, and all we can say about this album is WOW !!! So until the next update, check , it will probably be updated often. CONTINUE TO SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS !!!Peace

[APRIL 4, 2006 ]

Well, Happy NEW YEAR, MERRY X-MAS,happy Birthday, and any other holidays or events we missed while not updating this news page once again. Sound Foundry has followed the trend and now can be found on MY SPACE at RED SKIES AT MORNING was in in January and tracked some tunes that can be found on there my space, look for there link on our my space. Solo artist Chris Guenther aka THE RUN ATLANTIC was in and completed a killer debut EP of 8 tracks. You can find his tunes on his myspace site, the link is on our my space site. The LUNACY album is near completion. Currently tracking one last vocal, and a touch of editing/mixing. RYAN YOKER released his EP which was recorded in part here at the foundry, in part in Scotland, and put all together and mixed here, be sure and pick up this EP entitled EP. Just wrapped up the debut release by THIS GHOST, the album is due to hit the market in a few weeks, currently tracking tunes with DEVIN from the now defunct group 27th LETTER. Until the next update, check myspace, prolly update that more often. Peace


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